Arch Enterprises

Arch Enterprises is a metal refinery based in central Missouri. Because of the increase in "gold refining" companies advertising their refining services, Arch Enterprises wanted to position themselves as a reputable company that can pay a higher margin on gold and silver because they refine items themselves.

Captiva Marketing initiated a public relations program that included ongoing press releases distributed on the online newswires touting Arch Enterprises' expertise in the industry. Captiva not only featured Arch Enterprises' gold refining program, but highlighted niche programs such as catalytic converter and silver oxide battery recycling and refining programs.

Since distributing these releases, Arch Enterprises' press releases are regularly on the first page of search results for key phrases such as "silver oxide battery." Additionally, the distribution of these releases gained valuable backlinks for Arch Enterprises' site improving their organic search engine rankings and reducing their dependence on more expensive forms of advertising.

Furthermore, Arch Enterprises hosted gold buying events at regional convention centers and Captiva Marketing assisted with promoting these events through public relations, local advertising, Facebook advertising, and other online promotion methods. The event proved successful and resulted in stories on the local NBC affiliate and in several community newspapers.

Through extensive public relations and social media efforts that are aligned with the company's search engine marketing goals, Arch Enterprises has gained third party credibility, increased awareness of the company's brand online, and significantly increased the quantity and quality of their leads while maintaining marketing expenditures at their existing level.

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