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Friends of Kids with Cancer

Founded in 1992, Friends of Kids with Cancer is a nonprofit organization that provides support through emotional, recreational and educational programs to children with cancer and their families. The organization depends on donations and volunteers from the community to maintain its programs. They needed to establish a visible online presence that would attract families of kids with cancer, volunteers, donors and media to the organization's cause. Captiva Marketing designed a visually attractive website, and introduced Empoweren, a platform where Friends of Kids with Cancer administration can post events, press releases, pictures, and more.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Since fund raising events are critical to the operation of the organization, we configured the Calendar & Events Manager so that Friends of Kids personnel could post upcoming events with links to more information and registration forms.

  • To further engage their volunteers, donors, and the kids, they are using various Photo Gallery Managers throughout the site to publish photos from recent events and programs.

  • Keeping supporters informed of upcoming news and events is another key to success for the organization. They use the News Manager module to not only do this, but to highlight "Stories from the Heart" - inspirational stories about the kids being helped.

  • To help simplify the donation process, we even upgraded our Forms Manager so that they can now collect online donations securely.

It was a pleasure for all of us at Captiva Marketing to help this wonderful organization.

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