UFP Technologies


As a publicly traded company with numerous divisions and multiple product lines, UFP Technologies needed a search engine marketing strategy that would achieve a wide variety of goals.

  • Provide financial news and information to investors and employees
  • Generate leads for products and services
  • Provide company information to potential and current customers
  • Allow for certain consumer products to be purchased online

To increase leads and reduce this publicly traded company's dependence on expensive advertising, Captiva designed a new "optimized" corporate site and then created micro-sites for specific product lines and divisions to increase conversion rates and enhance the company's organic presence.


Captiva Marketing started with a redesign of the UFPT corporate site. We broke the navigation into Corporate-Global and Divisional so that each division could deliver its own content and message while continuing to promote the company as a whole. Next, we built out microsites for particular divisions and product lines.

For instance, a major product line for the United Foam division was custom foam inserts for shipping cases. To more effectively promote this product line we worked with UFPT to create the United Case Division and to develop a website generating leads for these products from commercial users and consumers. Ultimately these actions further enhanced the sites ability to convert consumer inquiries into sales. We also integrated a stand alone eCommerce site to sell case inserts along with standard Pelican Cases.


The use of microsites allows UFPT to benefit from:

  • Greater search engine optimization
  • A more concise and powerful promotional message
  • Integration of eCommerce for a particular product line

With six microsites implemented, UFPT now benefits from an increased number of leads and online sales with a better overall ROI.

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