Web Design

Although creating a basic website may be rather a straightforward process, we focus on developing sites that are not only professionally designed in accordance with best practices but that also...

  • Comply with the search engine ranking algorithms
  • Employ a logical user interface
  • Integrate with social media

Web Design Captiva Marketing

  • Provide effective landing pages for SEO and CPC advertising
  • Accomplish marketing and lead generation goals
  • Utilize forms that integrate with Google Analytics
  • Comply with multiple browsers and devices
  • Allow users with limited technical skills to edit and update the website quickly and easily


Our Typical Web Design Process

Step 1 - Assemble Basic Strategy

Unless you have a really simple project, step 1 is to audit your business and existing website (if one exists) and assemble the basic strategy for this project. We have streamlined this process as much as possible, but we still need to spend some time to understand your business, your goals, your customers, your competitors, and your competitive advantages. This process is typically completed by your dedicated account manager.

Step 2 - Develop Marketing Message

Since most websites serve as some type of marketing tool, it is often essential that we utilize our strategic research to help develop the marketing messages for your site. By prioritizing the key elements of your message, we can better develop your site architecture and design comps. This process is typically completed by your dedicated account manager.

Step 3 - Develop Site Architecture & User Interface

This process can be very quick for small sites, but larger websites (especially those with aggressive SEO goals) often require a fair amount of work to ensure that the site employs a friendly user interface with a search engine friendly site architecture. This process is typically completed by multiple members of our team.

Step 4 - Create Graphic Design & Artistic Elements

It is a common saying that "Form Follows Function" and that holds true for most web design projects. With a solid strategy, powerful marketing message, and intelligently designed user interface, our design team can go to work bringing your site to life with graphics, imagery, and other artistic elements. The typical goal is to blend in creative design without sacrificing other key elements like SEO and usability...which can be a very challenging task for larger sites. This process is typically handled by your Account Management Team and our Creative Team.

Step 5 - Set up CMS and Apply Functionality

Our technical team sets up the Empoweren Web Content Management System and applies any interactive functionality required in your site.

Step 6 - Site Buildout

With the Empoweren Web Content Management System, our team or yours can build websites quickly and effectively.  The powerful, yet easy to use content manager and WYSIWYG editor allows non-technical users to create web pages.  So, whether our team builds out all or part of your site, you benefit from the streamlined process and easy-to-use system that we employ.

Step 7 - Apply SEO Elements & Google Analytics

As we build out your website, our experienced account management team can align your pages with targeted keyword phrases.  The Empoweren system was designed with fields for every critical optimization element and all forms integrate easily with Google Analytic so that online marketing activity can be monitored.

Step 8 - Set up Server Environment, Map Re-Directs and Run Diagnostics

Once your website is ready to publish, we help configure the DNS settings, ensure that any pages in preexisting websites are mapped to pages in the new site and run diagnostics to test for any unforeseen technical errors.

Step 9 - Provide System Updates & Ongoing Support

Unlike printed materials that get updated very infrequently, websites function in a very fluid environment. By building websites on the Empoweren web content management system, you will have the ability to update most pages in your website while still being supported by the Captiva team. The CMS is constantly monitored and updated by Captiva Marketing so that all updates are automtically pushed through to each website on the system. Plus, each of our team members has an in-depth knowledge of the Empoweren system and can provide ongoing assistance and support in a very timely fashion.


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