One of the unwritten rules of advertising is that someone needed to interact with your brand 7 times before they would buy.   However, we believe that changes in technology and consumer behavior have lowered this number and are changing the way in which companies advertise.

Historically, ad agencies would develop highly refined messages intended primarily for TV, radio, print and direct mail.   Ads were designed to interrupt you while watching, listening, or reading something else and  they tended to be very short and attention-grabbing.  Today, you have the opportunity to engage customers in a much more passive manner and be involved with their needs at each point in the purchasing process or buying cycle.


Buying Circle Example


Newer technologies and behaviors associated with search engines, social media platforms, and email mean many messages are now delivered in a much more passive manner through keyword advertising, boosting social media posts, sharing videos, etc. 

Our goal is to create messaging that can be used consistently across many mediums while adapting it to the specific medium employed throughout the entire buying cycle.