The first step in developing any marketing program - whether traditional, digital or social - is to engage in the Discovery process.  This process essentially describes the research that we do and the concepts that we draw on to answer these three primary questions.



Who is your target market? Or target markets?



What message(s) do we want to send to these people?



What are the most effective methods for delivering this message to this target market?

Of course, many companies have multiple product lines and focus on serving numerous target markets, so we'll often craft different messages for these different markets and use a variety of methods to get these messages out.  Other companies come to us just wanting help with SEO, Keyword advertising or the like so we will refine this process based on their specific goals and such.

Unfortunately, the Discovery process differs for almost every client so we don't employ a standard process to our thinking.  Rather most of this work is done by our senior team members including Mark Forst and Bill Brasser, both of whom have undergraduate degrees in marketing, MBAs from Washington University and a combined 40+ years in the marketing field.



Recruitment Fraud Alert

A new identity theft scam has hit the recruitment industry. It has come to our attention that fraudulent emails are being sent by fake companies posing as recruiters or posing as an employee of an organization, like Captiva, to recruit candidates.

These unofficial requests stem from Gmail accounts or fake LinkedIn/Indeed accounts and not from official company accounts. They direct users to attend a Google Hangout interview and then proceed to interview a candidate while asking for personal information. At Captiva Marketing, our first step in the applicant screening process includes an email from an official Captiva Marketing email account to schedule a traditional phone call. This request will come from an official Captiva Marketing email address and not a address. We do not request a Google Hangout nor do we use a Gmail account with our recruiting process. Initial communications will not request sensitive information, including but not limited to social security numbers, birth dates, bank information, etc. during our interview process. While giving out personal information to organizations, please be diligent. If you have any concerns about a request coming from Captiva Marketing, please contact us at 314-822-3656 and ask for Melissa Berner.

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