Whether you want to get more exposure through bloggers or try to build a following for your own blog, Captiva Marketing has the knowledge and experience to guide all of your blogging efforts.

Engaging Bloggers

In today's world, anyone can be a publisher and bloggers have taken advantage of this technology to turn the media world upside down. Love it or hate it, blogging is here to stay and savvy marketers need to learn how to use them. Unlike traditional media, bloggers (as a group) tend to be less concerned with journalistic integrity and more interested in writing about things they are passionate about.

Through our link building research, it is not uncommon for us to uncover dozens of relevant blogs that can be reviewed for press releases, sponsorship or other advertising opportunities that will generate exposure and link popularity for your site.

Engaging Prospects & Customers with Your Own Blog

For those looking to create their own blog, consider what blogs allow you to do:

  • Keep in touch on a more informal basis with clients.
  • Educate customers and prospects by answering questions to commonly asked questions.
  • Give your company some personality.
  • Generate leads by writing content that gets ranked well by search engines.
  • Protect your online reputation by garnering top rankings for your company name.

Although many of these goals can be incorporated with a traditional website, blogs offer a more flexible structure for adding content and can be significantly more engaging than a site. It is for this reason that we developed a number of blogs to help our clients engage their customers and prospects more effectively.

“I figured that if I said it enough, I would convince the world that I really was the greatest.”

- Muhammad Ali


Thought Leadership & Social Media Integration

A blog is the ideal tool to use to become a thought leader in your industry and publish original content that entices others to share. Offering valuable content on a blog makes you stand out from your competition and can become a great resource for your customers as well as your SEO efforts.

  • Blogs give your company a voice that is communicating with your audience on a more informal level all the time.
  • Blogs naturally encourage interaction and social sharing with the ability to easily comment and allow visitors to repost information to their personal social sites.
  • Blogs put a face to your company and position specific people as expert...especially with the ability to include authorship tags.
  • Blogs become invaluable content houses and articles will drive traffic far beyond their publish date.

Blog content can include tips, lists, infographics, articles, videos, memes, GIFs, etc. Captiva Marketing can work with your team to identify opportunities for meaningful content and develop strategies for how to push that content out through multiple channels.

What We Do

  • Develop Blogging Strategies
  • Design & Integrate Blogs into One's Website
  • Develop Engaging Content - Articles, Imagery, Infographics, Videos
  • Monitor Other Blogs and Engage