Video Sharing

Thanks to changes in technology and consumer behavior, online video has become the fastest growing content medium and one way to take advantage of this is by sharing and promoting your videos. 


Videos can be shared by publishing them on your website, posting them on Facebook or even emailing them to your customers and prospects.  However, the biggest results typically come from sharing and optimizing your videos on YouTube.

“52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.”

- Syndacast


The Power of YouTube

While some people refer to YouTube as a search engine, it really serves a dual purpose of being a video search engine and a video sharing platform.  Not only does the technology make it easy to serve up your videos in a format that everyone can view and share, but you can create your own channel, get your videos integrated into Google search results, and generate significant exposure.

The Importance of Good Design

Like most forms of sharing, the key to generating great results lies in the creativity of the video and its message.  Interesting, engaging videos tend to get shared, linked to, commented on and embedded on relevant sites throughout the web.  The results can grow exponentially over time and live forever.