Our Work

As a full service digital marketing firm and ad agency, a lot of the work we do is hard to show.  Successful SEO and keyword advertising campaigns, highly-performing websites, and engaging social media programs often attribute their success as much to the written message, technical elements or intelligent strategy as they do the creative work.  However, we know you want to see samples of our work so here are links to a few case studies and some of our more visually engaging design portfolios.


Case Studies

As Captiva Marketing has evolved into a full service agency over the years, the work we have done for many of our long-term clients has proven its ROI.

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Web Design

While we have developed over 1,000 websites since our inception, our portfolio focuses on much of our recent work.

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Videos & Animations

Our video and animation portfolio continues to grow rapidly as more and more people turn to videos to create more engaging websites, ads and social media posts.

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Print Collateral

Nearly every marketing campaign requires some print collateral to leave with prospects, hand out at events or use with direct mail.

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See how we have used infographics to explain complex processes, educate clients and prospects and create more engaging marketing materials.

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Imagery is often the key element to developing a message that resonates with one's market.  Photos can help tell a story. Photos can show the quality of one's work.  In many ways, it is photography that brings a product or service to life.

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Sometimes the best way to illustrate a concept is with an illustration.  Because of this, we use them extensively in the design of websites, print collateral and other promotional pieces to help engage prospects, explain concepts and more.

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