Video Promotion

As YouTube has evolved into the world's second most popular search engine, the value of creating, publishing and optimizing videos has become an integral part of most of our client's online marketing programs.  Not only are videos more engaging, but they can help generate more visitors to your website and aid in our SEO efforts.

How Video Helps Your SEO & Online Lead Generation

Search engine optimization has not only evolved significantly in recent years, it has also gotten increasingly competitive.  Optimized web pages and inbound links still play a large role in earning rankings, but other factors are now affecting the ranking algorithms, the search engine result pages, and one’s ability to generate leads and exposure online.


Video Keeps Visitors on Your Website Longer

Google’s ranking algorithm has increasingly factored in the “time spent on a page from a click” as an indicator of page quality.  A low “time on site” is an indicator of a lower quality page, while a “long visit” identifies a higher quality page to show a searcher.  A well done video or animation can help your site achieve this longer “time on site”, raising its quality, and increasing its chances of ranking well for a specific search phrase.


Videos can Rank Highly and Independently

Google’s universal search results integrate videos, images and more into the search engine results page. Video thumbnails are now integrated prominently into Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) and some studies have shown that videos have as much as 40% higher click through rate than plain text listings.  Plus, video optimization is less competitive - as much as 53 times less according to Forrester Research.


Videos Help
Generate Links

Writers, publishers, bloggers and other media all like well-done informational videos and they often link to them.  For instance, many distributors link to manufacturer’s videos because they want to add them to their websites, but they don’t want to incur the costs to create them.   These links typically help one’s site become more important so it rises in the rankings.


Videos Create Additional Brand Exposure

YouTube is now one of the largest search engines in the world and hosting videos on it and other video sites like Vimeo generates additional exposure.  Plus videos can be used in Facebook, Twitter, your blog, sales presentations, trade shows, emails, etc…


Videos Create Content for Your Website

Constantly adding content to your site still remains a huge priority if you want to attain or maintain high rankings.  Video allows one to add content by adding text transcriptions or adding screenshots, PDFs, or other content around the video.


Recruitment Fraud Alert

A new identity theft scam has hit the recruitment industry. It has come to our attention that fraudulent emails are being sent by fake companies posing as recruiters or posing as an employee of an organization, like Captiva, to recruit candidates.

These unofficial requests stem from Gmail accounts or fake LinkedIn/Indeed accounts and not from official company accounts. They direct users to attend a Google Hangout interview and then proceed to interview a candidate while asking for personal information. At Captiva Marketing, our first step in the applicant screening process includes an email from an official Captiva Marketing email account to schedule a traditional phone call. This request will come from an official Captiva Marketing email address and not a address. We do not request a Google Hangout nor do we use a Gmail account with our recruiting process. Initial communications will not request sensitive information, including but not limited to social security numbers, birth dates, bank information, etc. during our interview process. While giving out personal information to organizations, please be diligent. If you have any concerns about a request coming from Captiva Marketing, please contact us at 314-822-3656 and ask for Melissa Berner.

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