Social Media Management

Once a campaign is launched and running, the Captiva team can perform ongoing checks on all campaigns to make sure performance is as expected and identify any issues or opportunities related to the campaigns. Additionally, monthly reviews and reports are completed to provide data and insight for the entire team.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Frequent reporting will occur throughout all campaigns. Our standard KPIs vary based on the goals of the campaign and delivery channels, but we typically report on both delivery metrics and engagement metrics. These can be broken down by campaign and ad version.

Performance Review

Within reporting and ongoing maintenance of projects, we will review performance metrics to ensure that campaigns are running within goal KPIs such as CPM, number of impressions, relevance scores, frequency, etc. We will then work within our team to make adjustments to bids, audiences, messaging, and other variables as needed to optimize the campaign’s performance. In addition, Captiva does have a dedicated representative at Facebook that can help guide us and provide insight on new trends, audience and platform enhancements, and other new opportunities of reach via Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Social Media Monitoring Example

Social Media Management Sample

Comment/Engagement Review

While it is our assumption that internal teams will review and respond to any comments on the ads, we also check ads for comments and engagements to ensure that positive things are being said. If needed, we will bring negative comments and reactions to the team’s attention and will make recommendations on how to engage, (for example, if an ad should be refreshed to wipe the comments and reactions if the comment thread has turned negative). In general, ads spread faster organically with more comments/reactions and we will want to avoid wiping comments completely if possible.

Campaign Updates

While analyzing these campaigns, we will review the performance of individual ad creative to determine which ads are performing the best and then make recommendations based upon campaign metrics to determine if ads should be paused or which ads should be given additional focus.

Implement Recommended Changes

Campaigns rarely are set up without adjustments and we will work with the team to determine which recommended changes are necessary and to implement those changes on a regular basis (as directed by campaign performance).



Recruitment Fraud Alert

A new identity theft scam has hit the recruitment industry. It has come to our attention that fraudulent emails are being sent by fake companies posing as recruiters or posing as an employee of an organization, like Captiva, to recruit candidates.

These unofficial requests stem from Gmail accounts or fake LinkedIn/Indeed accounts and not from official company accounts. They direct users to attend a Google Hangout interview and then proceed to interview a candidate while asking for personal information. At Captiva Marketing, our first step in the applicant screening process includes an email from an official Captiva Marketing email account to schedule a traditional phone call. This request will come from an official Captiva Marketing email address and not a address. We do not request a Google Hangout nor do we use a Gmail account with our recruiting process. Initial communications will not request sensitive information, including but not limited to social security numbers, birth dates, bank information, etc. during our interview process. While giving out personal information to organizations, please be diligent. If you have any concerns about a request coming from Captiva Marketing, please contact us at 314-822-3656 and ask for Melissa Berner.

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