Facebook Advertising

With extensive demographic and interest related information on so many of its users, Facebook provides an incredible opportunity for many advertisers to target potential customers in a very cost effective manner.  It blends the benefits of display advertising with a much more robust targeting system that enables our team to pinpoint your potential customer base and serve them with highly targeted ads.

Over the years, Facebook’s targeting system has evolved from basic post boosting to a complex system that can be extremely effective if executed with precision.  This has become critical since Facebook’s current algorithm rarely allows organic company posts to gain very much traction on their own.  Today, advertising is essentially necessary if companies truly want people to engage with their posts.

Facebook Advertising Example

Facebook Example

Instagram Advertising Example

Instagram Example


As a result, we supplement organic social sharing efforts with three primary types of paid campaigns.

Strategic Boosts - We strategically boost posts to existing audiences and targeted audiences in order to increase the visibility of those organic efforts.

Branding Ads -  We create standalone branding ads that go out to people with demographics that specifically meet your audience requirements. With Facebook’s platform we are able to pinpoint items such as home size, income levels, job titles, work industries, specific interests and behaviors including online purchase behaviors and much more.

Remarketing Ads – With Facebook, we are able to take remarketing one step further than traditional remarketing campaigns using Google or Bing’s platforms.  Facebook’s cross-device capabilities allow us to follow a user from a desktop search at work to a cell phone browsing late at night. And with enhanced remarketing techniques, campaigns can be triggered based on factors such as pages viewed, time on site, number of pages visited and more to only spend your marketing budget targeting users that are likely to convert (and have not yet converted.)

All of the advertising efforts combine to reinforce your brand name with people that are already spending time on your site or are likely to convert, helping to improve site visibility and increase form submissions over time.