Display Advertising

Display Ad ExampleFrom designing and placing advertisements to determining how to get the most out of one's directory listings and sponsorships, Captiva Marketing can help with all of your online advertising objectives. Our approach is very oriented to achieving a high ROI so our media placement activity is geared towards identifying publishers and websites that will not just generate traffic, but rather provide the type of visitors that are most likely to purchase or inquire.

It is important to note that most advertising does not generate leads in the same manner that SEO and CPC advertising do.  Advertising is typically used to build your brand name recognition and increase awareness while positioning your marketing message.  Some advertising is more promotional in nature and can help generate leads or sales, but even when it does not, advertising tends to generate more visitors to your website and can be a very important part of your comprehensive online marketing campaign.

SEO Benefits

One key benefit is that some online advertising and sponsorships will help build your site's link popularity.  This will make your website more important in the eyes of the search engines and should improve your organic search engine rankings which can yield more free traffic to your website.

In a typical project, we analyze online advertising opportunities with media sites, portals, and directories that target our client's primary market, rank well for our client's desired search terms, or show up in the backlinks of competitive sites.

Banner Advertising

By strategically placing banner ads on popular niche sites, we can help advertisers cost effectively deliver their message to very specific audiences.

“A good advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to itself.”

- David Ogilvy


Directory & Vertical Search Engine Inclusion

With the advent of CPC (Cost Per Click) and PPI (Pay Per Impression) content advertising through Google and Yahoo, the number of vertical search engines, portals, and directories one can advertise in has grown exponentially over the last few years. Of course, this group varies widely in the quality of their offering and prices can range from $10 for a yearly listing to tens of thousands of dollars a month for prime placement in a major portal site.

What We Do

  • Research top ranking websites and other media to find advertising, listing and sponsorship opportunities.
  • Design and place ads in relevant publications and websites.
  • Set up tracking to monitor ad performance through analytics and KPI Reports.