KPI Reporting

Once we have a good feel for what kind of conversions we want to generate, we will typically set up a Key Performance Indicator Report that allows us to track our progress on a monthly basis.  These straightforward reports are designed to provide us with a quick history of the site's performance so that we can identify trends and monitor ROI on our activity.  Using these also allows us to forgo inundating our clients with stacks of monthly reports.

Traffic & Channel (Source) Monitoring

While the number of visitors to your site is rarely the primary measure for the effectiveness of your search engine marketing program, evaluating traffic patterns on a monthly basis gives us a good feel for what areas of your campaign are performing optimally. For those advertising online, running email marketing campaigns or submitting press releases, this report can help us quickly evaluate the performance of these activities. In the screenshot below, you can see how we can track each major sources ability to not only drive visitors to the site, but also how many of these visitors visit and complete the RFQ form, enter the store and order online.

Keyword & Goal Monitoring

Keyword searches form the basic building blocks of most search engine marketing campaigns. There are a number of reports that we can run that will not only show us which keywords are generating the most visitors, but also how many of these people are completing inquiry forms or ordering and how long they stay on your site.

Ranking Reports

While the ultimate goal of most of our SEO efforts is to generating sales or quality leads, monitoring how your site ranks for various keyword phrases can help us determine the effectiveness of your SEO.

By monitoring your organic rankings, we can...

  • Get a general overview for whether the site is gaining or losing ground in the organic rankings.
  • Monitor targeted keyword phrases to determine where opportunities lie for improvement.
  • Cross reference this data with CPC and conversion data to identify SEO related opportunities.
  • Compare your reports against other sites that we have optimized so we can identify algorithm changes, link popularity updates, and other variables that may affect your rankings.

Diagnostic Crawls

For those interested, we can monitor Google Webmaster Tools or use other software that will monitor the site for technical SEO issues and link elements.

Opportunity Assessment

Our goal is to use the data from these monthly reports along with our evaluation of industry trends and the assessments of our existing clients to determine where your best opportunities for improvement lie.

This approach has truly made us partners to many of our clients and a major reason that we have such longstanding relationships with so many of them.