When many people think of search engine optimization, they conjure up images of computer programmers performing some sort of black magic that will get their site ranked highly.  In reality, most web page optimization is simply aligning variables on the page with a targeted keyword theme.

We have studied and monitored the search algorithms used to rank sites for more than 15 years so we have a good feel for how to optimize them.  This knowledge and experience along with SEO software and aids like Google Webmaster Tools help streamline the web page optimization process.

Some aspects of your site that we will modify in our web page optimization process include:

  • HTML page titles, meta descriptions and meta keywords
  • Keyword density in the editorial copy per page
  • Alt tag, image, and link names
  • Position of primary copy
  • Keyword prominence
  • File names
  • The use of the proper copy in the headline
  • Internal linking structure
  • Site "spiderability"

Keyword Ranking Report

Keyword ranking reports allow us to monitor the effectiveness of our on-page optimization work and identify opportunities for improvement.

Keyword Competition Report

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