Gundaker Commercial Empowers Employees to Reduce Costs and Increase Promotional Activity

As one of the largest commercial real estate firms in the St. Louis area, Gundaker Commercial Group (GCG) specializes in commercial real estate brokerage, asset management, construction and development. Due to the fast-changing nature of the business coupled with a large amount of properties and personnel under their corporate umbrella, GCG needed a custom platform that would allow the company to easily make changes to their website,, on a regular basis. Additionally, CGC wanted to drive additional traffic to the site and offer a more user friendly interface to its visitors.

GCG previously did not have the ability to update any of their site content in-house. Because brokerages add and remove properties, change pricing and have personnel changes so frequently, GCG was investing a significant amount of money each month for an outside company to make simple updates to their site content. Captiva Marketing developed several content managers that all integrate seamlessly with one another creating a cohesive system for easily updating the information on GCG's site.

Listing Manager

The first step was to develop a content manager to capture and organize all the property listing information. With hundreds of active property listings all featuring information that changes frequently, it was vital that GCG be able to update this information quickly and in-house. Through the newly developed Property Listings Manager, GCG can now add, remove and update property listings through an easy-to-use manager that then consistently displays all the information to the website including property address, size, price, pictures, map, broker contact information and more. The new property listing pages are not only search friendly, but they call users to action with the options to email the listing to another person, map and get directions to the property site, download a property brochure and directly contact the broker from that page. Additionally, Captiva implemented a more robust and user friendly property search functionality so users can now search for properties by location, use type, sale type and by map.

Members Manager

Because the real estate industry is so fluid, GCG was also in need of an organized employee directory that they could easily update. Captiva created a Members Manager that automatically organizes GCG employees into their respective division and displays all necessary contact information. For the brokerage division, the Member Manager also allowed the company to create personalized URLs that the brokers can use for sales and marketing purposes. Each broker has a search friendly URL tied to his name that displays his individual information: photo, contact information, bio, affiliations, a direct link to his property listings and more.

Team Manager

Additionally, the brokers at GCG form into teams to focus on specific property types, like the investment team. Captiva created the Team Manager that allows GCG to create personalized URLs for these specialized teams to again use for sales and marketing purposes. The team manager allows GCG to easily create teams from the information already included in the Member Manager. They can also upload specific team information, pictures and bios.

As a result of the content managers on the site, GCG is now able to easily update their site without mounting charges from an outside company. Additionally, their site is now search friendly, features a more user friendly interface and is an effective sales and marketing tool.

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