Hauk Kruse

Hauk Kruse & Associates is an accounting firm specializing in servicing expatriates and employees of one word companies that are subject to complex tax and estate planning issues. Given the obvious time and distance challenges associated with servicing these clients, Hauk Kruse turned to Captiva's development team to simplify some of their communication processes with the use of web technology.

Our team created a customized, web-based Client Portal that has virtually eliminated the multiple transfers of hard copy documents between Hauk Kruse & Associates and its international clients. Now, clients upload, receive, and review documents, as well as maintain critical contact and account information in a safe, secure environment. A business receipts manager keeps track of all the activity and the system benefits both clients and employees.

Captiva Marketing has increased Hauk Kruse's business prospects and developed a system that speeds up communication and keep files more organized. Ultimately this system will allow Hauk Kruse to more effectively build a national client base.

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