Visual & Creative Design

Once we have determined how to position the site from a marketing perspective, how to structure the user interface, and what content, forms, videos, PDFs, and applications will be integrated into the site, we can begin the design process.

Create Home Page Wireframes

The home page is typically the most important and most complex page on the website. It not only needs to quickly communicate your primary message and engage visitors, but it needs to provide insight on how to get to the section of the site desired. In the home page wireframing process, we start by gathering the essential elements like the logo, global navigation, search bars, social media icons and contact information. We then assemble other key elements like the messaging, graphics, data feeds and promotional call outs.

Create Home Page Design

The artistic design of the site will flow from this wireframe along with your branding guidelines or any input you have in regards to design. Our design team will furnish a design or multiple designs (depending on client’s budget and desires) in static Photoshop files that can be reviewed and enhanced.

Oftentimes, our clients will combine different elements of the designs or require significant tweaking. This is often done in Photoshop files to speed up the process.

Interior Templates & Mobile Home Page Wireframes and Designs

Once the desktop version of the home page is approved, our designers will typically move on to designing the mobile version of the home page and any critical interior page templates.  With design templates in place, the Empoweren CMS applies a consistent look  to all new pages created in the website.

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