Website Development

This step of the process has the most variety depending on the quantity and complexity of the pages to be created. Fortunately, the website is built on a staging server that can be viewed by all relevant parties so everyone involved can provide input in real time as the process evolves.

The production process often starts by building out the navigation, applying the Title Tags and SEO elements and then adding all of the content and imagery onto the pages.  If strict templates are being used, this process can be rather straightforward, but for sites with significant customization, the process may require a lot of design and development time.

Construct Navigation

Create file and navigation names for each page in site and place in the site navigation.

Apply Title Tags and SEO Elements

  • Title Tag
  • Headline
  • Meta Description
  • Meta keywords (if desired)

“Remember: the future will come whether you design for it or not.”

- Jeffrey Zeldman


Add Content and Imagery through Page Editor

  • Headlines
  • Content
  • Imagery
  • Graphs/Charts
  • Links
  • Downloadable PDFs
  • Other Assets

Install 301 re-directs (if applicable)

For websites that will replace an existing website, it can be critical to install page-by-page re-directs from the corresponding page on the old site.

Apply Header Images (if applicable)

For sites with unique header images, these are typically applied at this time.


Web Design