Hosting & Ongoing Support

To serve our web design clients in the best possible manner, we provide hosting, server administration and system maintenance as part of our core offering.  In fact, the Empoweren CMS was designed for businesses and organizations that do not have the time, desire, or in-house expertise to set up and manage content management software or the IT infrastructure needed to run it properly.

This service consists of four primary components:

  • Website Hosting – This service essentially makes it possible to make your website accessible through the Internet.  Costs vary depending on the amount of storage space and bandwidth the site requires.  In general, sites with a lot of content, high resolutions imagery, videos, downloads, and other large files may require extra storage space.  Bandwidth usage typically correlates to the site’s usage and the size of the files being delivered. 

  • Empoweren Platform Maintenance – Unlike a basic HTML site, the Empoweren system is constantly being maintained for optimal performance.  Since it is a hosted solution, Empoweren programmers can push through all necessary updates and upgrades to the system without you even noticing.  For those currently on a CMS, your IT department will no longer have to be involved in these periodic updates or maintain responsibility for software licenses in order to keep your site running.  For those graduating from basic HTML websites hosted on simple shared servers, you will avoid the challenges involved with setting up and managing hosting for a robust CMS.

  • Empoweren Enhancements – As a cloud based solution, there is no need to download updates or pay for most upgrades to the system.  New features are constantly being added to the system to increase its functionality and value.

  • Server Administration – Our technical team monitors and manages updates to the servers for optimal performance and security.


Tech Info

Hosting Environment

While many companies view web hosting as a commodity, the value of a secure host with extensive redundancy and security is of paramount importance for sites with comprehensive online marketing programs. As such, we have invested heavily to ensure that our client's sites are hosted in one of the safest and most technologically advanced data centers in the St. Louis area.

All Empoweren sites are hosted on dedicated servers at a Tier 3 Data Center in St. Louis, Missouri that offers the following:

  • Industry Leading Network and Power Uptime - These Tier 3 data centers are designed with N+1 redundancy to support industry leading service level agreements, while 24-hour support engineers proactively monitor over one thousand environmental and technical elements to identify potential issues before they impact your systems.

  • Comprehensive Network Security - An intrusion detection and prevention systems with managed firewall solutions provide the highest level of electronic security to keep your data safe.

  • Exhaustive Physical Security - Facilities maintain the highest level of security utilizing biometrics, proximity cards, CCTV, and restricted access protecting your data from unauthorized personnel.
  • Faster Data Transfers - An intelligently routed network that improves network performance by 39.6% over standard BGP networks, making sure your data follows the most efficient path available.

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